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Anne%20sculpture%20in%20the%20Windsor%20Sculpture%20Park Anne%20sculpture%20in%20the%20Windsor%20Sculpture%20Park Anne%20sculpture%20in%20the%20Windsor%20Sculpture%20Park


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Communication Artifact



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Mol, Leo








4 ft high


Anne; bronze with selected patina; edition of 10; 4 ft high; 3 tonnes with her plinth, about 400-500 pounds sculpture alone; Anne is a bronze interpretation of a nude girl, seated on her left leg, with her right leg bent and hanging below her seat. She is rendered realistically and holds both hands in her hair as if she is going to create an updo or just attempting to cool her neck. The original patina was a warm brown.


Anne is a Leo Mol creation and is made of bronze and is 4’ in height. Mol has devoted a great deal of time and energy to life size figures of young women. Anne was installed at the Odette Sculpture Park in 2001. Due to heavy ice in the Detroit River during the winter months Anne was removed in 2014 and placed in storage for conservation treatment. In 2015, it was decided to relocate Leo Mol’s Anne to a new, safer location in Coventry Gardens rather than reinstall her in her previous inaccessible location in the Detroit River near the Caron Pump Station. Reclaimed stones from the surround of the former ship’s mast in Assumption Park were arranged in a staggered formation and the sculpture was mounted to a base of granite set on top of the highest reclaimed stone. Anne is now framed by the foliage of the gardens and faces out to the rising water of the Charlie Brooks Memorial Peace Fountain and is very visible. Observe the prominent contours of Anne’s hair, flowing gently and communicating with the soft curves of her arms and body. Anne is comfortable and carefree in her surroundings all hallmark Mol’s work in this genre. Anne, a lovely, four foot bronze sculpture created by Leo Mol, was placed on a pedestal in the Detroit River this morning as the newest addition to the Odette Sculpture Park. The three- ton sculpture was delicately positioned by a 100-ton crane in the area off of Riverside Drive and Oak Avenue. Anne is located in Ecological Gardens at the foot of Crawford Ave. There are now 25 sculptures in the Odette Sculpture Park which opened in 1997. His vast work in the genre has been compared to that of Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzu, and often to the blithe, stylized figures of French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. However, Mol’s sculptures of young women are un-mistakenly his own.

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Windsor Sculpture Park

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