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Christ Church / Église du Christ

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Église du Christ


Black and white photograph of Christ Church in Amherstburg; the church is a one-storey brick structure with a tall belfry at the front; the building is partially obscured by large trees surrounding it and ivy growing along the sides; there is a short picket fence surrounding the church, and a chain link fence to the right; a sidewalk runs in front of the church and a woman is sitting on the grass in the foreground.


Christ Church was built by soldiers stationed at Fort Malden in 1818-1819. The church was built next to the English burial ground at the southern end of town, on the land grant of Colonel William Caldwell, now 317 Ramsay Street. Colonel Caldwell donated the land and 100 guineas for the construction of the church. The church had a square form made of red brick walls and a beamed ceiling of rough-hewn native timber. The tounge-and-groove floors were also made of local timber, and the nails were hand made by former slaves on the estate of Colonel Matthew Elliott. The church was opened on December 12, 1819. Parts of the original building are still visible today, however, several alterations have been made since the construction of the church. In 1870 a sanctuary, choir stalls and an organ were installed. Around 1900, stained glass windows were installed and in 1953 the east end was enlarged to accommodate a war memorial.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Amherstburg

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


317 Ramsay St. / 317, rue Ramsay

Amherstburg (Ont.)

Anglican churches / Églises anglicanes

Buildings / Immeubles

Caldwell, Colonel William / Caldwell, William

Christ Church / Église du Christ

Churches / Églises

Lawrence, Margaret

Leaves / Feuilles

Ramsay St. / Rue Ramsay


Religious facilities / Édifices religieux

Sidewalks / Trottoirs

Trees / Arbres

Vines / Vignes

Women / Femmes

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