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Charlie & Nellie Buck Proctor / Charlie & Nellie Buck Proctor

Title (Fre)

Charlie & Nellie Buck Proctor


Black and white photograph of a couple identified as Mr. & Mrs. Charlie and Nellie (Buck) Proctor; Charlie is standing on the left; he is wearing a dark suit and jacket, with only the top button fastened; his shirt is white and high-collared and he is wearing a dark tie; Nellie is seated on the right in an ornate, high-backed chair; he is wearing a high-collared, dark dress with ruffles at the throat and on the sleeves; she is wearing a necklace with a large locket or cameo which rests in the centre of her chest; her hands are holding a piece of paper and rest on her lap.

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Families / Familles

Men / Hommes

Portrait photographs / Portraits photographiques

Proctor, Charlie

Proctor, Nellie Buck

Studio props / Accessoires pour studio


Women / Femmes

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