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Smith, W.


Colin MacDonald / Colin MacDonald

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Colin MacDonald


Black and white photograph of Colin MacDonald; Mr MacDonald is in a studio with a garden scene backdrop; he is seated on a stone fence, leaning to the left on a column, on which his right arm is resting; his legs are crossed at the knee and he is holding a top hat in his left hand; his pants are light in colour, with a darker band running vertically up the side of the leg; his jacket, vest and tie are all dark in colour and his shirt appears to be white; he has curly hair and a beard and sideburns; the photographer's stamp "W. Smith, 42 High Street, Inverness" appears on the reverse along with a hand written note, which reads:


Colin MacDonald - father of George F. MacDonald. Colin MacDonald was born in Scotland. Following an apprenticeship in drygoods in Inverness, Colin moved to Windsor in 1872. He secured a position with Donald Cameron in his dry goods store and, in 1887, Cameron retired and sold his interest in the store to MacDonald. Colin was very involved in his community, leading the choir at St. Andrew's Church. He was married to Janet Laing Fortune of Duns, Scotland and was the father of George Fortune MacDonald a man who became a prominent Windsor businessman and historian.

Place made

Scotland - Inverness

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Macdonald, Colin

Men / Hommes

Portrait photographs / Portraits photographiques

Smith, W.

Studio props / Accessoires pour studio


Top hats / Chapaux

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