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Park Bros.


Colonel Walter Gow / Colonel Walter Gow

Title (Fre)

Colonel Walter Gow


Black and white photograph of Colonel Walter Gow; Colonel Gow is wearing his dark military uniform and hat; he has a Maple Leaf pin on his lapel and on his hat; his body is angled to the left, but his head is facing the camera; hand written beneath the photograph is the photographer, Park Bros.; the reverse of the photograph has "W.G. Please return to Alex. Gow. Windsor" hand written near the top. The centre of the reverse has a sticker in the centre with the following information: (Caps are printed fields, other info is hand written): Col. Gow is correct. ATTACH TO BACK OF PHOTOGRAPH RANK: Col. Walter Gow NAME COLLEGE OR FACULTY bgl 1896 Trin NAME AND HOME ADDRESS OF SENDER OR NEXT OF KIN Alex. Gow 15 Park St. West Windsor, Ont."

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Gow, Alexander

Gow, Walter

Hats / Chapeaux

Military officers / Officiers militaires

Military uniforms / Uniformes militaires

Park Bros.

Portrait photographs / Portraits photographiques


Uniforms / Uniformes

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