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Randall, J.J.


Colonel John Prince / Colonel John Prince

Title (Fre)

Colonel John Prince




Portrait photograph postcard of Col. John Prince; on the back is written 'The old Colonel, in his 61st year', and a stamp marked 'J.J. Randall - Fisher Block, Detroit'.


Col. John Prince moved to Sandwich in the summer of 1833 with his wife Mary Ann (nee Millington) and their four children: William (1824), Albert (1825), Charles (1827) and Arabella (1829). Born in Sandwich were Henry (1833), George (1836 - died), Septimus (1837) and Octavius (1841). In December 1838, nearing the conclusion of the Upper Canada Rebellion, 130 militiamen of the Third Essex Militia, commanded by Colonel Prince, defeated 140 American & Canadian Patriot supporters of William Lyon Mackenzie at the Battle of Windsor. After finding that some of the Patriots had brutally killed Dr. John Hume, a militia surgeon and personal friend of Prince, he ordered the summary execution of five American prisoners, treated as criminals rather than prisoners of war. This drastic action is said to have helped end the Rebellion, but fuelled controversy for years to come in Britain, the United States and the Canadian colonies. For his actions, he was lauded by some and demonized by others. He fought in at least one duel that arose over comments made about his conduct, which he won, and was subjected to several threats against his life. From 1836 until 1860, Colonel Prince served in politics for Essex County. In 1860 he moved to Sault Ste. Marie when he was appointed Judge of the District of Algoma. He died at Sault Ste. Marie on November 30, 1870.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Battle of Windsor / La bataille de Windsor event

Canadian Army organization

Detroit (Mich.) place

Dueling subject

Fisher Block

Government officials / Administration locale

Judges / Juges

Men / Hommes

Military officers / Officiers militaires

Militias / Milices subject

Prince, John person

Randal, J.J. person

Rebellion of 1837-1838 / Rébellion de 1837-1838 event

Sandwich (Ont.) place

Sault Ste. Marie (Ont.) place

Third Essex Militia organization

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