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Aerial view of harbour construction at Ford Power Plant dock site / Vue aérienne de la construction du port sur le site du quai d'embarquement de la centrale électrique Ford

Title (Fre)

Vue aérienne de la construction du port sur le site du quai d'embarquement de la centrale électrique Ford


ca 1923


Aerial view of concrete slabwork being conducted by Considine-Reid Ltd. construction workers on the filled foundations of the west side of the Detroit & Windsor Ferry Co. dock; a steam-powered roller, smooths out gravel fill on the east side of the dock; work on the driveway continues, and a large pile of refuse or building materials can be seen in the top left corner; the air is noticeably dusty. Aerial view looking north over the construction of the Ford dock , showing a crane on the work vessel "F.E. Harvey," with Detroit skyline in the background.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Automobile industry / Industrie de l'automobile

Barges / Péniche

Belle Isle (Mich.) / Île Belle (Mich.)

Building materials / Matériaux de construction

Considine-Reid Ltd. / La compagnie Considine-Reid limitée

Construction industry / Industrie du bâtiment

Contractors / Entrepreneurs

East Windsor (Ont.) / Windsor Est (Ont.)

Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd. / Ford du Canada ltée

Foundations / Fondations

Harbours / Ports

Hoisting machinery / Grues

Islands / Îles

Land Use / Utilisation de la terre

Piers & wharves / Appontements et quais

Pilings (Civil engineering) / Pilons (génie civil) Bûches

Power plants / Centrales électriques

Reclamation of land / Remise en état d’un terrain

Riverside Dr. E. / Promenade Riverside Est

Structural frames / Charpentes

Waterfronts / Quais

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