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Barn on Spruceholme Farm / Grange sur la ferme Spruceholme

Title (Fre)

Grange sur la ferme Spruceholme


Black and white photograph of the completed barn on the Spruceholme farm, located south of Highway 98 between Ruscom and Woodslee; the bottom level of the barn is made of concrete blocks and a ramp leads up to the wooden portion of the barn; in front of the barn there are several horses, some harnessed to carts, and several men in dark clothing and hats; there is a pile of concrete blocks to the right of the photograph


The farm was owned by John Wallace and the barn was still standing in 1962.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Essex County

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Agricultural facilities / Installations agricoles

Barns / Granges

Carts & wagons / Charrettes & chariots

Farms / Fermes

Horses / Chevaux

Men / Hommes

Ruscom (Ont.)

Spruceholme Farm / La ferme Spruceholme

Wallace, John

Woodslee (Ont.)

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