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Wilson, G.W.


Donald Cameron / Donald Cameron

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Donald Cameron


Black and white portrait of Donald Cameron; Mr. Cameron's head and shoulders are visible in the photograph; he is wearing a dark suit jacket with a light coloured vest and white shirt; he has a striped bow tie; he is looking away from the camera and has a beard and sideburns;


Donald Cameron was born in 1826 in Scotland. He began teaching in Scotland at age 18, and moved to Glasgow and entered the dry goods business at age 20. At 25 he moved to Nottingham, England, where he spent three years completing his apprenticeship. At age 26 he married Catherine Campbell and at age 28 the couple sailed for Canada. He began by opening a small store with his savings in Blytheswood, Mersea Township. In short time he was named the town's first post-master. In 1860 Donald opened the D. Cameron Drygoods Store between Ferry & Ouellette on Sandwich Street. In 1862 he formed a partnership with John Thorburn and moved to larger quarters just east of Ouellette on Sandwich Street. Here the firm of Cameron and Thorburn expanded to handle groceries, general merchandise and drygoods. In 1865 he was elected to town council and in 1866 was elected to the board of education. In 1870 he was elected mayor, a post which he filled for five years. Cameron & Thorburn was destroyed in the Fire of 1871 after which it found temporary quarters in the auditorium of the old town hall until a new building was built in the old location. Following the fire, Cameron was integral in establishing the new town waterworks. Later that year Cameron left the business and Cameron continued in business under his own name until 1877. In 1877 he formed a partnership with George Bartlet and opened Cameron & Bartlet, which remained in business until 1887. In 1887 Cameron became ill, decided to retire and sold his share of the business to Colin Macdonald. He died at the age of 83 in 1909 at Bridge-of-Allan, near Stirling in Scotland.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

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Museum Windsor


Beards / Barbes

Cameron, Donald

D. Cameron Drygoods

Mayors / Maire

Men / Hommes

Merchants / Marchands

Municipal officials / Fonctionnaires municipaux

Portrait photographs / Portraits photographiques

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