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Topley, W.J.


Charles T. Baby / Charles T. Baby

Title (Fre)

Charles T. Baby


Black and white photograph of a man identified as Charles T. Baby; the photograph displays the torso, shoulders and head of the man; he is wearing a dark jacket and bow tie; he has a beard and thick hair; handwritten on the back of the photograph is: "Charles T. Baby (from Hemmick Estate) - July 1970."; the photographer's crest, "The Notman Studio, W.J. Topley, Prop. Ottawa." also appears on the reverse of the photo; the photograph was donated from the estate of Franchette Askin Hemmick.


Charles Thomas Baby was the second son of the Hon. Jacques (James) Baby and was born in 1806. He first married Julia Hands, daughter of William Hands and Mary Abbott, in 1833. Julia died in 1838. Charles remarried in 1845 to Rosalie Panet. Rosalie died in 1847. Charles had his thrid and final marriage in 1848 to Mary McGuekin (originally from Brockville). Charles and Mary had two sons and three daughters. He lived in the Duff-Baby house until his death in 1871 and after the death of his wife in 1874, the Duff-Baby house passed into other hands. He was Clerk of the Peace in Sandwich from 1835 until 1871 and was Mayor of the Town of Sandwich from 1859 until 1866. he was also member and Chairman of the Board of Education from 1858 to 1867.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Ottawa

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Baby, Charles T.

Beards / Barbes

Hemmick, Franchette Askin

Men / Hommes

Notman Studio

Ottawa (Ont.)

Portrait photographs / Portraits photographiques


Topley, W.J.

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