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Canadian Steel Corporation Rear Unloader Wall / Quais de déversement en mur-caissons de la société canadienne d'acier Canadian Steel

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Quais de déversement en mur-caissons de la société canadienne d'acier Canadian Steel




Black and white photograph of the Coal Dock construction for the Canadian Steel Corporation at Ojibway; there is a wide trench running diagonally from the bottom right corner of the photo up through the centre; the trench is filled with logs cemented in place, wooden walls and steel reinforcements; building materials are in evidence in the trench and along and on top of both banks; cranes are visible in the distance; printed in the bottom left corner of the photo is: "Canadian Steel Corporation Ltd. Rear Unloader Wall. Looking East from River bank. forms and reinforcing in place. July 9, 1918".


The Canadian Steel Corporation, a subsidiary of the United States Steel Company, purchased an 1800 acre site about 1917 and an elaborate town was planned to house workers at the plant. Roads were built and fire hydrants installed before the town itself was started and a four-lane divided highway separated the plant site from the town and connected it to Windsor, four kilometres away. The recession of the 1920s led the company to reassess the Canadian plant. Some mills were erected but the residential areas were never started. The depression of the 1930s finally killed the project, although the buildings which had been erected were used for war work in the 1940s. The town, which had been incorporated in 1913, remained a municipality although its population never exceded 100. It was annexed by Windsor in 1966, by which time natural regeneration had created a forest on the town site. Part of the site is now Windsor's nature park and the land planned for the Carnegie steel plant was developed for industry and is now known as the Morton Industrial Park. The residential area is now used by a harness racing complex, a new subdivision and the nature park.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Ojibway

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Building materials / Matériaux de construction

Canadian Steel Corporation Ltd. / Société canadienne de l'acier Canadian Steel ltd.

Hoisting machinery / Grues

Ojibway (Ont.)

Piers & wharves / Appontements et quais

Progress photographs / Photographies Progress

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