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Helmer, Neil


Dominion Bank Building - Norwich Block / Édifice du Banque Dominion - Cartier Norwich

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Édifice du Banque Dominion - Cartier Norwich




View of the northeastern section of the Norwich Block, on Riverside Dr. W. at the intersection of Ouellette Ave.; this corner was home to the Toronto-Dominion Bank [formerly the Dominion Bank of Canada]; the impressive neo-classically faced building, featuring a carved stone facade with columned entrance, stone railings and a headpiece clock, was a well-recognized landmark building prior to the demolition of the Norwich Block in 1999.


Built in 1908-09, to improve upon the facilities of the former International Hotel building which previously occupied this spot. Architects for the stately bank building were Carrere and Hastings of New York with associate architect Eustace G. Bird of Toronto. The City of Windsor paid for the removal of the facade prior to demolition of the building, painstakingly taken apart piece by piece, to allow for the preservation of this landmark - with hope of reconstruction at a later date for a community-use building. This photo taken one week before demolition of the Norwich Block exhibits signs of community protest - a large graffiti campaign of spray painted scissors and dotted lines was completed around the entirety of the whole block. The scissors can be seen to the right of the main entrance, with the dotted lines continuing from the left of the doorway.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Architects / Architectes

Architectural elements / Éléments architecturaux


Banks / Banques

Bird, Eustace G.

Business districts / District des affaires

Carrere and Hastings

Clocks & watches / Éléments architecturaux

Columns / Colonnes

Commercial facilities / Locaux commerciaux

Curry, John

Demolition / Démolition

Dominion Bank / Banque Dominion


Helmer, Neil

Historic buildings / Monuments historiques

Hotels / Hôtels

International Hotel / Hôtel International

Norwich Block / Cartier Norwich

Office buildings / Immeuble de bureaux

Ouellette Ave. / Avenue Ouellette

Protest works / Protestations

Riverside Dr. W. / Promenade Riverside Ouest

Scissor Campaign / Campagne de promotion Scissor

Toronto-Dominion Bank / Banque Toronto-Dominion

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