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Ainslie Mill / Scierie Ainslie

Title (Fre)

Scierie Ainslie


Black and white photograph of the Ainslie Mill in Comber, Ontario; the foreground of the photograph there are a great number of large logs ready for the sawmill; in the centre of the photo on the left there is a small pond behind which three men or boys are standing; other buildings and wood piles are visible behind them; on the right side of the photo, in the background is the saw mill; it is one storey high on the left and split into two levels on the right; several men are standing on the second level; other buildings are visible behind the mill to the right.


Lumber milling using local timber was very active in Essex County during the last three decades of the nineteenth century and into the first years of the twentieth century.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Comber

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Ainslie Mill / Scierie Ainslie

Buildings / Immeubles

Comber (Ont.)

Employees / Employés

Logs / Bûches

Lumber / Bois de charpente

Lumber industry / Industrie forestière

Mills / Moulins

Saws / Scies

Woodcutting / Abattage des arbres

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