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Taylor Artistic Photographer


Alberta Chene / Alberta Chene

Title (Fre)

Alberta Chene


ca. 1875


Black and white photograph of a young girl, tentatively identified as Alberta Chene; the girl is facing the camera, with her head and eyes turned slightly to the left; only her head and the tops of her shoulders are visible in the photo; she has long hair, straight on the top, with bangs over her forehead, and slightly curly over her shoulders; the photographer's stamp: "Taylor Instantaneous Portraits, Detroit, Mich" is visible beneath the photograph; on the reverse of the photo, "Berta Chene" is hand-written, and additional information about the photographer reads as follows: "Taylor Artistic Photographer, Grand Central Gallery, Nos. 41 & 43 Monroe Ave., Detroit, Mich. Instantaneous process used Exclusively."


Alberta Chene was the daughter of Clara Emma and Alexander Chene and granddaughter of Charles & Clara (Baby) Barillier. Charles and Clara Barillier married in 1853 and moved to Windsor around 1874. They had eight children. Their daughter Clara Emma, married Alexander Chene of Detroit. Clara and Alexander had three children: Alexander, Alberta, and George.

Place made

United States - Michigan - Detroit

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Baby, Clara

Chene, Alberta

Children / Enfants

Detroit (Mich.)

Girls / Filles

Grand Central Gallery / Galerie Grand Central

Portrait photographs / Portraits photographiques


Taylor Artistic Photographer

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