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Carl H. Smith's Portable Sawmill at Arner / Carl H. Smith's Portable Sawmill at Arner

Title (Fre)

Carl H. Smith's Portable Sawmill at Arner


ca 1941


Black and white photograph of Carl H. Smith's portable sawmill at Arner, on Highway 18, near Kingsville, Ontario; the sawmill is on the right side of the photograph; it consists of a long metal tube, lying horizontally on four wheels; there is a second long metal tube standing straight up perpendicular to the first tube; to the left of the photo there are piles of cut wooden planks and a small scaffold.


Essex County woods provided material for export and met a variety of home uses during the heyday of the county's lumbering industry. In the 1940s, only a few small, some portable, sawmills continued operating due to the depletion of the county's forested areas.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Highway 18 (Ont.) / Route nationale18 (Ont.)

Kingsville (Ont.)

Lumber / Bois de charpente

Lumber industry / Industrie forestière

Machinery / Machinerie

Mills / Moulins

Saws / Scies

Scaffolding / Échafaudage

Smith, Carl H.

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