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Carling Breweries Staff Party / Fête du personnel de la Brasserie Carling

Title (Fre)

Fête du personnel de la Brasserie Carling


ca 1947


Group photo of British American Brewing Co. employees with the new staff additions from Carling Breweries; in the first row sitting are, from left, John Martin (4th), unidentified General Manager (5th) and Lou Waldman (6th); sitting in the second row, from left is Henry Parent (2nd); in the third row, seated, from left is Pat Patterson (3rd); in the first standing line, from right, is Jack Vicary (2nd), Thomas Woods (3rd, slightly behind Jack Vicary); in the second standing line, from right is Art Thompkins (2nd) and Art Costi (12th, centre); the posed group stand within the brewery building in front of a series of windows.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Brewing industry / Industrie de la brasserie

British American Brewing Co. Ltd. / Brasserie British American Ltd.

Carling Breweries Ltd. / Brasserie Carling ltée

Commercial facilities / Locaux commerciaux

Costi, Art

Martin, John

Parent, Henry

Parties / Fetes

Patterson, Pat

Thompkins, Art

Vickary, Jack

Waldman, Lou

Woods, T. Robert

Woods, Thomas

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