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British American Brewing Company & Carling Brewery Party / Fête de la brasserie British American et de la brasserie Carling

Title (Fre)

Fête de la brasserie British American et de la brasserie Carling


ca 1946 - 1948


Group photo of combined staff from the British American Brewing Company and Carling Brewery attending dinner at the Prince Edward Hotel dining lounge; seated at left is Bob Hewett (1st), and Pat Patterson (from left, 3rd); seated at the right is Thomas Woods (1st) and Jack Vicary (from right, 4th); sitting in the second seated row on the right is is Bert Pearson (centre); in the standing row, from the right, are Lou Waldman (3rd) and John Martin (4th).

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Brewing industry / Industrie de la brasserie

British American Brewing Co. Ltd. / Brasserie British American Ltd.

Carling Breweries Ltd. / Brasserie Carling ltée

Dining rooms / salle à manger

Eating & drinking / Manger et boire

Furniture / Meubles

Hewett, Bob

Hotels / Hôtels

Martin, John

Patterson, Pat

Pearson, Bert

Prince Edward Hotel / Hôtel Prince Edward

Table settings & decorations / couverts et décorations

Vickary, Jack

Waldman, Lou

Woods, T. Robert

Woods, Thomas

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