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John Chapman's Photograph Rooms


Charles E. Barillier / Charles E. Barillier

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Charles E. Barillier


Black and white photograph of Charles E. Barillier; Mr. Barillier is well dressed in light pants and long black jacket and bowtie; he is wearing a tophat and holding a walking stick; Mr. Charles Barillier was born on June 28, 1828 on the island of Guadaloupe in the French West Indies;


Charles and his family moved to Paris, France when Charles was just three years old. Mr. Barillier received an excellent education, which was finished off at the Royal College of Saints at Bordeaux. Afterwards he entered a banking house in the same city and was subsequently employed in the civil department of the French Navy. In 1851 Charles moved to Montreal where he remained for two years, then went to Detroit, and later came to Windsor. He entered upon the study of law with Charles Atkinson of Chatham, later engaging in the insurance and conveyancing business. He did not make his permanent home in Windsor prior to 1874. While in Chatham Mr. Barillier made the acquaintance of Miss Clara Baby, a daughter of Edmund and Fannie (Urquhardt) Baby, and grandaughter of Col. Francois Baby. Clara and Charles married in 1853. After moving to Windsor Charles engaged in the practice of law with Albert Prince, a son of Colonel Prince. He grew in prominence and in the confidence of the people and was appointed treasurer of Windsor in 1882. Mr. Barillier died July 10, 1891, following an attack of pleurisy. He left six daughters and one son: Mary Antoinette, Clara Emma, Josephine, Georgiana Emily, Eugenia, Charles, Victoria Alexandrina.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

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Museum Windsor


Baby, Clara

Barillier, Charles

Government officials / Administration locale

Hats / Chapeaux

John Chapman's Photograph Rooms / Studio de photographie John Chapman’s

Men / Hommes

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