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A.F. Bowman Tugboat / Remorqueur A.F. Bowman

Title (Fre)

Remorqueur A.F. Bowman


Black and white photograph of the A.F.Bowman tugboat on the Detroit River; the tug is travelling toward the left side of the photo; the back of the boat is sitting quite low in the water and bilge is pouring out of a spot near the back; there is one sailor standing at the front of the boat, near the ladder to go up to the upper deck, and one sailor standing in a doorway in the cabin on the main deck; the upper deck has a small engine room with a man poking his head out the window, a smokestack and a rowboat; the shore is visible in the background and there are some unidentified buildings visible on the left side of the bank.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Bowman, A.F.

Lifeboats / Canots de sauvetage

Rivers / Cours d'eau

Rowboats / Canots

Sailors / Marins

Smokestacks / Cheminées

Tugboats / Remorqueurs

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