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Duff-Baby House / Maison Duff-Baby

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Maison Duff-Baby


Black and white photograph of the northwest side of the James Baby House; the house and grounds are snow-covered; the house is three storeys high with shuttered windows on the first and second floors and dormers on the third; the house has a long covered porch and two chimneys on the roof.


The Duff-Baby House, or Mansion as it is sometimes referred, is the oldest known surviving house in southwestern Ontario. It was built in 1798 in the Georgian Style by Scottish fur trader and merchant Alexander Duff, a contemporary of Angus Mackintosh of Moy Hall. These early river barons used their homes both as residences and places of business. The house was sold to Jacques (James) Baby in 1807 and remained in the Baby Family until 1871.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Sandwich

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Museum Windsor


Baby, Jacques

Baby, James

Buildings / Immeubles

Duff, Alexander

Duff-Baby House / Maison Duff-Baby

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Fences / clôtures

Houses / Maisons

Sandwich (Ont.)

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