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Dominion Bank / Banque Dominion

Title (Fre)

Banque Dominion


Black and white photograph of the Dominion Bank building on the southwest corner of Ouellette Avenue and Sandwich Street; the building is a two-storey stone structure with impressive pillars and large rectangular windows; there is a doorway on the corner, at the left of the photograph, and a second, smaller doorway on the side of the building at the right of the photo; on the left hand side additional buildings on Ouellette Ave. are visible; streetcar tracks run along the street in the foreground of the photograph.


The Dominion Bank Building, which replaced the International Hotel, opened in 1909. It was part of the historic Norwich/Richmond block demolished during the summer of 1999 to make way for the new Daimler-Chrysler Building. The Dominion Bank facade was carefully dismantled and now sits in storage awaiting resurrection.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Banks / Banques

Buildings / Immeubles

Dominion Bank / Banque Dominion

Ouellette Ave. / Avenue Ouellette

Pedestrians / Piétons

Sandwich St. / Rue Sandwich

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