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Christ Church, Colchester / Église du Christ, Colchester

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Église du Christ, Colchester


Black and white photograph of the ruins of the original Christ Church in Colchester; the church was made of stone; the roof of the building is completely gone, though the majority of the walls are still standing; there is foliage creeping up the building walls; there is a fence in the foreground and a dog in front of the fence.


In 1816 Reverend Richard Pollard met with the wardens of Colchester regarding the building of a church and school at Colchester. The building of the church was contracted to Mr. William McCormick and was completed in 1820 with limestone from Pelee Island. The church was officially opened in 1821. In 1824, Reverend Pollard died and Colchester was served from Amherstburg. This church was used until 1876 when a new church was built.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Colchester

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Museum Windsor


Abandoned buildings / Édifices abandonnés

Anglican churches / Églises anglicanes

Buildings / Immeubles

Christ Church / Église du Christ

Churches / Églises

Colchester (Ont.)

Dogs / Chiens

Fences / clôtures

Ruins / Ruines

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