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A. Fox Stagecoach / Diligence A. Fox

Title (Fre)

Diligence A. Fox


Black and white photograph of A. Fox's Stagecoach; in the foreground there are two dark horses harnessed to a small carriage; there is a man sitting in the front of the carriage, holding the reins, and there are two trunks on the roof of the carriage; the carriage door is open and there is one man with his right hand on the door and left hand holding a suitcase; a second man is standing on the far right of the photo; behind the stagecoach there is a tall building, likely the carriage house; "A. Fox" is posted on a sign on the wall.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Carriage houses / Remises

Carriages & coaches / Chariots & diligences

Coach drivers / chauffeur d'autocar

Fox, A.

Horses / Chevaux

Luggage / baggage

Men / Hommes

Passengers / Passagers

Stagecoaches / Chariots & diligences

Travel / Voyage

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