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J.W. Wilson Company


David Meretsky Stoves & Furniture / Fourneaux et mobiliers David Meretsky

Title (Fre)

Fourneaux et mobiliers David Meretsky


ca 1903


Black and white photograph of the front of David Meretsky's store; the building is one storey with detailed stonework along the top edge; "Meretsky - Stoves Furniture" has been printed in ink along the edge of the storefront on the left side; the name of the store on the right has been covered over; there are two large window displays and two doorways; there are three men standing in front of the stores; on the street there is a horse pulling a cart; the cart has "Furniture, Stoves, Carpets David Meretsky" painted on the side and partially coloured in ink; the store is flanked by two brick buildings, a one-storey with arched windows and doorways on the left and taller building with "GROCER" painted on the side on the right.


David Meretsky operated a second-hand goods store at 53 1/2 Pitt Street East. J.W. Wilson Co. of 469 Queen St. W. in Toronto was the photographer.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


53 1/2 Pitt St. E. / 53 1/2, rue Pitt Est

Buildings / Immeubles

Carts & wagons / Charrettes & chariots

Commercial facilities / Locaux commerciaux

Home furnishings stores / Magasins de meubles

Horses / Chevaux

J.W. Wilson Co. / Compagnie J.W. Wilson

Meretsky Stoves & Furniture / Fourneaux et mobiliers Meretsky

Meretsky, David

Pitt St. E. / Rue Pitt Est

Second St. / Rue Second

Secondhand sales / Ventes de seconde main

Window displays / Vitrine

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