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County Council / Conseil régional

Title (Fre)

Conseil régional




Black and white photograph of the County Council; there are 17 men sitting and standing and all are wearing dark suits and ties; the man in the centre of the photograph, the Warden Mr. Gosnell, is sitting on a chair with a detailed back; the men are standing before a backdrop of a room with detailing along the top border and a set of antlers on the right side; the men are identified beneath the photo, however, the bottom right corner has been torn of and some names are missing: John Vester (Harwich), Hickey (Tilbury), J.C. Fleming (Co Clerk), Sturgis (Camden), Rankin (Dover), Cap't Coogan (C.C. Co Kent), A. Leverton (Zone), Mills (Chatham), Davidson (Thamesville), Gosnell (Warden), Morrison (Raleigh), Wi__, Campbell (Howard), Shaw (Wallaceburg), McGregor (Tilbury), VanGunten (Blenheim), Shambl__ (Co. Trea__).

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Campbell, Mr.

Coogan, Captain

County government / Administration locale

Davidson, Mr.

Fleming, J.C.

Gosnell, Mr.

Government officials / Administration locale

Group portraits / Portraits de groupe

Hickey, Mr.

Leverton, A.

McGregor, Mr.

Men / Hommes

Mills, Mr.

Morrison, Mr.

Rankin, Mr.

Shaw, Mr.

Sturgis, Mr.

VanGunten, Mr.

Vester, John

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