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Callithumpian Procession on Sandwich Street / Défilé Callithumpian sur la rue Sandwich

Title (Fre)

Défilé Callithumpian sur la rue Sandwich




Black and white photograph of the Callithumpian procession heading down Sandwich Street on August 6, 1909 during the Old Boys Reunion; on the far left side of the photograph the Detroit River is partially visible in the background; in the foreground, at the front of the photograph there is a man standing at the side of the street; the parade is heading down the street on the right side of the streetcar tracks; there are horses and carts in the procession and there are spectators visible beside the parade; there are buildings and trees on the right side of the street.


A callithump is defined as a somewhat riotous parade, accompanied with the blowing of tin horns, and other discordant noises; also, a burlesque serenade; a charivari.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Bicycles & tricycles / Bicyclettes & tricycles

Carts & wagons / Charrettes & chariots

Children / Enfants

Horses / Chevaux

Men / Hommes

Old Boys Club / Club Old Boys

Old Boys Reunion / Réunion Old Boys

Parades & processions / Défilés et cortèges

Sandwich St. / Rue Sandwich

Spectators / Spectateurs

Street railroad tracks / Tramways

Traffic Engineering Department / Ingénierie et gestion du trafic routier

Trees / Arbres

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