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21st Battalion Receiving Colours / 21e bataillon en train de recevoir des mérites

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21e bataillon en train de recevoir des mérites




Grainy black and white photograph of the parade of the Essex Fusiliers 21st Regiment on May 24, 1887; there are spectators lining both sides of the street and some bagpipers in the centre; a banner "Welcome 21st Battalion" is strung across the street; there is a tall, three-storey brick building on the left hand side, followed by a shorter, flat-roofed two-storey building; a church steeple is visible behind the buildings; the photo is taken from Sandwich Street from Ouellette Ave


The 21st Essex Battalion of Infantry was established in 1885 and was renamed the 21st Battalion, Essex Fusiliers in 1887. Today the regiment is known as the Essex & Kent Scottish Regiment.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


21st Regiment, Essex Fusiliers

Advertisements / Réclames

Awnings / Auvents

Bagpipes / Cornemuses

Banners / Bannières

Buildings / Immeubles

Canadian Army

Celebrations / Célébrations

Commercial facilities / Locaux commerciaux

Essex & Kent Scottish Regiment

Flags / Drapeaux

Marching / Marcher au pas

Musical instruments / Instruments musicaux

Ouellette Ave. / Avenue Ouellette

Parades & processions / Défilés et cortèges

Sandwich St. / Rue Sandwich

Spectators / Spectateurs

Victoria Day / Fête de la Reine

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