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21st Regiment Parade / Défilé du 21e regiment

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Défilé du 21e regiment




Black and white photograph of the 21st Battalion, Essex Fusiliers, on Parade in 1887; the procession is heading east on Sandwich Street, from Ouellette; there are numerous spectators on both sides of the road; multiple three and four storey commercial buildings are visible on the right side of the street; the parade is heading down the centre of the street;


The 21st Essex Battalion of Infantry was established in 1885 and was renamed the 21st Battalion, Essex Fusiliers in 1887. Today the regiment is known as the Essex & Kent Scottish Regiment.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


21st Regiment, Essex Fusiliers

Awnings / Auvents

Bicycles & tricycles / Bicyclettes & tricycles

Buildings / Immeubles

Cameron and Bartlet

Canadian Army

Celebrations / Célébrations

Commercial facilities / Locaux commerciaux

Essex & Kent Scottish Regiment

Marching / Marcher au pas

Marching bands / Fanfares

Musical instruments / Instruments musicaux

Ouellette Ave. / Avenue Ouellette

Parades & processions / Défilés et cortèges

Sandwich St. / Rue Sandwich

Signs (Notices) / Avis

Spectators / Spectateurs

Traffic Engineering Department / Ingénierie et gestion du trafic routier

Uniforms / Uniformes

Victoria Day / Fête de la Reine

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