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Drake & Joyce Furniture Manufactory / Usine de mobilier Drake & Joyce

Title (Fre)

Usine de mobilier Drake & Joyce


pre 1894


Faded black and white photograph of the Drake and Joyce Furniture Manufactory; the building is a long, two-storey wooden structure with numerous windows; there are two distinct sections to the factory; the section to the left of the photo has a peaked roof, and a small lean-to building attached to the end; there is a doorway with three men in hats and aprons standing in it and on the steps; beside the doorway is an open window with another man looking out; below the window are two chairs; painted on the side of the building is: Drake & Joyce Furniture Manufactory Warerooms Sandwichs"; beneath the second window three boys are leaning against the building; the back half of the building is slightly taller with either a flat or less peaked roof; there are two men standing in the doorway and two others looking out windows on the main floor; there are two more boys leaning against a post; there is a sidewalk in front of the building and an unpaved road;


The Drake & Joyce Furniture Manufactory was owned by J.W. Drake and closed in August, 1894. It was located on the corner of Church & London Streets. In 1957 London Street was changed to Albert Street and in 1957 Albert Street was renamed University Avenue.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Albert St. / Rue Albert

Chairs / Chaises

Children / Enfants

Church St. / Rue Church

Drake & Joyce Furniture Manufactory / Usine de mobilier Drake & Joyce

Drake, J.W.

Factories / Usines

Furniture / Meubles

Furniture industry / Industrie mobilière

Industry / Industrie

London St. / Rue London

Men / Hommes

Signs (Notices) / Avis

University Ave. / Avenue University

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