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Cemetery monument - Chief Joseph White / Monument funéraire - Chef Joseph White

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Monument funéraire - Chef Joseph White




Black and white close-up photograph of the monument for Chief Joseph White within the Wyandotte Cemetery in Anderdon; the monument is very tall and prism shaped; it has a cross carved at the very top and a seal carved in the centre; carved in the base of the monument: "MONDORON Chief of the WYANDOTTS Or HURONS JOSEPH WHITE BORN January 19, 1808 DIED Feb 28th, 1885" "WHITE" is carved into the very bottom of the stone; the stone has a small fence behind it, behind which is dense foliage and several trees in the background; handwritten below the photograph: "Monument in Indian Graveyard, Amherstburgh 1922".


The Wyandots [or Wyandottes] who formerly lived on the Anderdon Reserve, on the banks of the Detroit River were a Christianized tribe. They are descended from the Wendat [Huron]-Tionontati tribal merger that occurred in the mid-seventeenth century, after the destruction of Huronia by the Iroquois in 1649. These 'Wyandot', as they came to be known, settled in the Detroit River area at the turn of the eighteenth century, at the invitation of the French. Chief Joseph White, or Mondoron, was born on January 19th 1808 and died February 28th, 1885 at Windsor. There is speculation that White was a non-native American adopted into the tribe as a child after a raid. He was the last elected Chief of the Anderdon Wyandot Tribe (remaining of the 1790 Huron Reserve) prior to enfranchisement, for which he strongly pushed. White was in service of the Crown during the Upper Canada Rebellion, for which he was given a silver medallion from the Prince of Wales during his Canadian visit in 1860. Joseph White is the father of former Windsor Mayor Solomon White.

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Canada - Ontario - Amherstburg

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Museum Windsor


Amherstburg (Ont.)

Anderdon Reserve / Réserve Anderdon

Anderdon Township (Ont.) / Banlieue Anderdon (Ont.)

Cemeteries / Cimetières

Fences / clôtures

Indians of North America / Indiens d'Amérique du Nord

Indigenous peoples / Indigènes

Land Use / Utilisation de la terre

Leaves / Feuilles


Stone carving / Sculpture de pierre

Tombs & sepulchral monuments / Tombeaux et monuments funéraires

Treaties / Traités

Trees / Arbres

Tribal chiefs / Chefs de tribus

Tribal government / Gouvernement de tribus

White, Chief Joseph

Wyandott Indians / Indiens Wyandott

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