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Bishop's Palace / Palais de l'évêque

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Palais de l'évêque


ca 1875


Black and white photograph of the Bishop's Palace in Sandwich; the large frame and stucco building is elaborately designed with towers and crenellations along the top level; there are three levels visible in the photograph, with the higher levels being set further back than lower; the bottom level has numerous rectangular windows and a large arched set of double doors; an unidentified carving is set above the doors; the second level has arched windows and detailed trimming; the third level also has arched windows and has an ornate railing at the top; on the third level there is a statue set into an alcove; there is a cross at the top of the third level; there is a tree in the foreground of the photograph; there is another, possibly connected building, made of brick, to the left of the Bishop's Palace


Bishop's Palace was built in 1861 when Bishop Pinsonneault transferred his Episcopal See from London to Sandwich. Unsuccessful in his bid to obtain limestone for the building, Bishop Pinsonneault erected a large frame and stucco building of elaborate design. This structure was L-shaped with one wing joined to the old rectory and the other extending along Huron Line. The "palace" was not well designed and required extensive repairs twelve years after its erection. In 1867 the See was moved back to London and Bishop Pinsonneault left Sandwich. In 1896 the building was demolished, already considered beyond repair.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Sandwich

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Assumption Parish / Paroisse de l’Assomption

Bishop's Palace / Palais de l'évêque

Bishops / Évêques

Castles & palaces / Châteaux & Palais

Huron Church Rd. / Rue Huron Church

Huron Line / Route Huron

Pinsonneault, Bishop / Pinsonneault, Peter Adolphus


Religious articles / Articles religieux

Religious dwellings / Habitations religieuses

Religious facilities / Édifices religieux

Sandwich (Ont.)


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