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Murdoch Studio


E. & F. Totten Millinery Shop, Interior / Intérieur de la boutique de mode E. & F. Totten

Title (Fre)

Intérieur de la boutique de mode E. & F. Totten


Black and white photograph of the interior of E. & F. Totten Millinery Shop; there is a white column on the left side of the store; there are display cases filled with hats throughout the store; the blurry figure of a man is visible in the centre of the photograph in front of a display case, and the blurry figure of a woman entering the store; to the right of the doorway is a rocking chair; the ceiling is very detailed, as is the border at the top of the wall; "Murdoch Studio, Windsor, Ont." is printed beneath the photograph.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Ceilings / Plafonds

Commercial facilities / Locaux commerciaux

E. & F. Totten Millinery Shop / Magasin d’articles de mode E. & F. Totten

Hats / Chapeaux

Merchandise displays / Étalage de marchandises

Millinery / Articles de mode

Murdoch Studio / Studio Murdoch

Rocking chairs / Fauteuil à bascule

Sandwich St. E. / Rue Sandwich Est

Shops & stores / Magasins et boutiques

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