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Forster, John C.H.


Drawing of the Baby Farm / Dessin de la ferme Baby

Title (Fre)

Dessin de la ferme Baby




Black and white photograph of a pen and ink drawing of the occupation of the Francois Baby Farm by American Troops in 1812; the drawing was done in 1973 and portrays American troops building bunkers and installing cannons around the Baby house; there is a wall surrounding the main house, which is two storeys with four chimneys and an American flag flying at the top; also inside the wall are two smaller buildings; atop three corners of the wall are cannons; there are tents surrounding the outside of the wall on the left side of the drawing; in the foreground of the drawing are several uniformed military officers; there is a small guard house and cart to the right side of the drawing; on the upper right of the drawing is a dock into the Detroit River which is surrounded by small boats; the city of Detroit can be seen across the river.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor



Baby, Francois

Cannons / Canons

Drawings / Dessins

Flags / Drapeaux

Forster, Jack C.H.

Forts & fortifications / Fortifications

Francois Baby House / Maison Francois Baby

Houses / Maisons

Military officers / Officiers militaires

Tents / Tentes

U.S. Army / Armée américaine

U.S. Artillery

War / Guerre

War of 1812 / Guerre de 1812

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