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Carnegie Library Interior looking South / Vue vers l'intérieur Sud de la bibliothèque Carnegie

Title (Fre)

Vue vers l'intérieur Sud de la bibliothèque Carnegie


ca 1915


Black and white photograph of the interior of Carnegie Library looking south toward the Reference Room; there are arched columns on either side of the room with a very high ceiling; at the front of the photograph on the left is a teller's desk with vertical bars; there are books visible behind the desk and a fire alarm on a column above; between the second and third columns on the left is a card catalogue with several drawers pulled out; in the centre of the photograph are a set of double doors with oval windows behind which books are visible; there is a bust sculpture of a man on either side of the doors; in front of the doors is a small desk with two card catalogue drawers on it and two chairs; there is a light fixture with four round bulbs visible above the desk; the right wall also has a card catalogue and near the front of the photo on the right is a triangular display case; the floor is patterned tile and this photograph was likely taken between 1912 - 1925; the library was located at the southeast corner of Park and Victoria.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Card catalogs / Catalogues de cartes

Carnegie Library

Carnegie, Andrew

Columns / Colonnes

Desks / Bureaux

Doors & doorways / Portes et cadres de porte

Interiors / Intérieurs

Libraries / Bibliothèques

Light fixtures / Fixtures électriques (pour lumières)

Philanthropists / Philanthropes


Showcases / Vitrines

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