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Murdoch Brothers


Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow Store / Magasin Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow

Title (Fre)

Magasin Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow


Faded black and white photograph of the front of the Bartlet, MacDonald & Gow Store, located on Ouellette Avenue; the building is a tall, three-storey structure with arched and rectangular windows; there is detailed trim above the third storey and "Carpets" is painted on a sign between the trim and windows; "General Dry Goods" is painted onto a sign between the second and third storeys and "Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow" is painted between the first and second storeys; there are small square window panels (some are open) between this sign and a closed awning; there are four large windows to the storefront and a set of double glass doors; various items including coats, material and hats, are on display in the windows; there are stores partially visible on both sides of Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Windsor

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow

Buildings / Immeubles

Commercial facilities / Locaux commerciaux

Dry goods stores / Magasins de nouveautés

Ouellette Ave. / Avenue Ouellette

Shops & stores / Magasins et boutiques

Signs (Notices) / Avis

Storefronts / Devantures de magasins

Window displays / Vitrine

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