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Construction of Barn on Spruceholme Farm / Grange en construction sur la ferme Spruceholme

Title (Fre)

Grange en construction sur la ferme Spruceholme


Black and white photograph of a partially constructed barn on the Spruceholme Farm; the farm was located south of Highway 98, between Ruscom and Woodslee; the framing of the barn looks to be near completed and concrete blocks have been laid for the main level and ramp; there are a large number of men and women standing along the top of the completed blocks, as well as men sitting and standing on the wooden frame; building supplies (wooden planks, concrete blocks) are in evidence surrounding the structure


The farm was owned by John Wallace and the barn was still standing in 1962.

Place made

Canada - Ontario - Essex County

Collection Name

Museum Windsor


Agricultural facilities / Installations agricoles

Barns / Granges

Children / Enfants

Farms / Fermes

Men / Hommes

Ruscom (Ont.)

Spruceholme Farm / La ferme Spruceholme

Wallace, John

Women / Femmes

Woodslee (Ont.)

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